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In this article when we say expert, we are talking of anyone that has succeeded in gem business more than you. Many do not learn from those who have succeeded in their respective fields or career. This is a great challenge especially in this generation. Instead of envying the successful person, the best way to be like him/her is to learn from that person.

May I ask you, how many people you know have succeeded in gemstone business that you are learning from? How many gem stores or jewelry stores that have succeeded than you, and you are learning from?

Some may say reaching such people is not easy, some may say these kinds of people are not in our country. These are just excuses; you do not have to go overseas simply go to different websites and learn. Also you can read their biographies online or in gem magazine.

It is good to learn from those who have gone ahead of you and succeeded, no institution can teach you everything. Just humble yourself and accept the fact you need to learn from them.