Moreshine Gemstone
Moreshine Gemstone


  If you are exhibiting your gemstones at Arusha Gem Fair, and at the end of the fair you fail to make at least the sales of US$ 1500, then you have made a non-profiting venture to the Gem Fair. That is to say that within the period of the Gem Fair, you have the ability to sell not less than US$1000 worth gemstones. And this will also depend on the types of gemstones if they have the capacity to command big sales. Such as;   

  •  Sapphires 
  •  Emeralds  
  • Spinals  
  • Travorite garnets   

These are some of gemstones that can command great sales but it also depends on the following factors  

  • Salesperson on ground that is the customer handling or customer care.   
  • Another thing is the purchasing power of the customers.  
  • Lastly, gemstones themselves   Now there are number of things that should be put in place before the Fair begins, let take a look at some of them.

 Do not assess a customer by their appearance   

Here is where we face a great challenge during the show; you are supposing to handle all those who come to your booth aright. Be it a fellow exhibitor, a student, a foreigner, a native, your assignment is to serve everyone that comes and you serve them with a good customer care approach. How? by explaining concerning your products in a presentable way that will lead to a sale.   

Never despise a customer that comes your way, or else you may lose opportunities worth of millions of money. During the April 2015 show, there is a fellow Tanzanian who came to my booth and bought a Sapphire gemstone. This man was an exhibitor too, and then came another Tanzanian fellow who likewise bought a Moldarite gemstone. The good news is both bought is foreign currency and the one who bought Moldariet is still doing business with me. What if I would have despised them because they are my fellow Tanzanians?, I could have lost a good customers.   

Negotiating the prices 

Price negotiating is very crucial in the International Gem Fair. Do not tell a customer that this Tanzanite is US$ 450 per carat no discount no negotiation, it’s a fixed price. You are supposing to know “the act of Negotiating” in the Gem market.  


Do not despise any Gemstone that you have in your stock   Remember in the Gem Fair, they are different types of customers, from different nationalities with different needs. Not all the customers need Sapphire or Ruby or Emerald simply because their prices are high, no some buy the ones that are least expected to be sold, such as; red garnet, citrine, moldarite.


1. In my stock I had green moldarite which I bought three years ago, and in April 2015 I had prepared myself as an exhibitor for Arusha Gem Fair. I planned to leave these gemstones behind simply because they are fragile. The most amazing thing is, in that Gem Fair I had gemstones like; Sapphire, Emerald, Tsavorite. But I sold none of them rather I sold Moldarite and the person who bought them was a Tanzanian and she paid in US$.   

2. While preparing for the Arusha Gem Fair 2015, I sought for someone to accompany me to the show. I found a friend of mine named William. While we were packing, there were two small boxes with gemstones that we do not consider as good gems for selling. There were two Rhodolite pieces weighing around 25 grams. William advised me that we should take them along. The first day we did not display them because we considered them not a “good for selling”. But the second day we decided to display them. During the lunch time on the second day, I decided to go around other booths so that I may learn some things from others.  

When I returned I found William preparing a receipt for a customer, who held 700Euros in his hand for the 25gram of Rhodolite. I could not believe my eyes , it was least expected and it was the only sale in that was bought in Euro currency. I repeat do not despise a gemstone, allow it to go to the market. 

Respect every customer   

The moment a customer enters your booth, put everything aside and attend the customer. Some of them if you do not give them attention required they will not buy anything. Welcome them, explain about your products, and then wait for their response. Even though you have valuable and good gemstones, they won’t be of use if you do not sell them.