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Moreshine Gemstone


Bangkok Gem & Jewelry Fair (BGJF) is one of the largest Gem fairs in the world. But being among the greatest or biggest Gem fair, it does not guarantee you for a big sales. There are some fundamental steps to be taken even if you may seem to be minor. I attended 57th exhibition for five days, and I was privileged to speak with some exhibitors. Some said there was no much sales in that particular fair, it was then I noted some of the things they lacked of which I am about to share with you. For you to get maximum result you need to put in into practices for what I am going to share?

  Customer Reception

Welcome any customer that comes to your “booth”. I saw this as one of the item missing in 2016 BGJF last February. Never under estimate a customer by appearance. Remember this is an international gem fair with more than 30,000 visitors coming from different parts of the world. The fact that you see them in the fair ground is because they have come for the fair. The customer may need a gem, or a jewel, or even equipment and you cannot tell it by your very eyes. 

Remember, in fair like this people come for jewelry, gemstones or equipment not for clothes, shoes or cars. They have come especially for Gems and Jewel business. And this is a very potential area to meet some serious sellers and buyers; I saw this as a challenge because some booths I entered and was not welcomed.

Customer Care

Once customers come, it is not time to talk with your fellow or chat with your Smartphone but welcome any customer who enters your booth. This article is out of my personal experiences at the fair. I still have enough memories of what I saw. Once a customer steps into your booth, it is not the time to chat with your Smartphone. You know a customer is a person who has feelings too, just like any other person.  

Some will come with very little knowledge, what they need is to be given the right information. By doing so you can make a customer buying something they never planned before. This can only be achieved through customer caring.

You need Brochures or flyers all the time of the Fair

What surprised me is that some of the booths did not have flyers even brochures. Where will the customer get adequate information about your products? Because some of the customers, after the fair that is when they go through the flyers or brochures one after the other. Please take responsibility on handbills such as flyers or brochures, not every customer has time for whatsApp.

Business card

Business card is also another means of informing a customer on your contacts, such as website, email address, physical address, postal address, and phone numbers. Since most people use whatsApp, many have neglected the use of business cards. Everyone who is serious in business of gem and jewelry industry must have business card that will provide relevant information such as mentioned above which includes a phone number starting with a country code as well as a company website.

Some have been complaining that they don’t make more sales, while neglecting some of these crucial items. Once the exhibition ends, how will the customer know on where to find your products or where is your Gem & Jewelry store located. Don’t think the customers will know your stores are located along Silom Road without tell them or give any written contact


I have also discovered some come with these business cards but not sufficient enough to the last day of the exhibition. By the time the exhibition enters in 4th day the flyers, brochures or business cards are finished. This is an indication of poor planning or lack of preparation. 

During the fair I visited one booth that was selling golden chains for necklaces in rollers. One of the exhibitors a Thai Sister welcomed me and explained very well about all their products with the aid of a brochure. At the end of a good illustration I asked for the brochure which was about a hundred pages, she said she can’t give because it was the last copy. Then she recommended me to visit their website for all the details, just think about going through a hundred pages in website? Will you be able to read all the details and download? I hope you have got my point.

Company website 

This is also very important and very useful in gem and jewelry business. When your business is on the website, it simply means you are worldwide shop. A customer in any part of the world can visit your website, and obtain all the necessary information about your products even when you are asleep,