Moreshine Gemstone
Moreshine Gemstone

Misconception about gemstones

  There is a wrong belief about gemstones, to the point that many people are afraid to do gemstone business or learn about gemstone. We will be looking for some reasons why is it so.   

Powers of darkness 

Many have connected the gemstone business with the powers of darkness. Many have been forced to believe that for one to do the gemstone business successfully, one must do some rituals to appease some spirits. Some who own mines have been made to believe that, for the mine to produce they must sacrifice to some spirits. And if you take a closer look, you will discover these rituals and sacrifices are not that fundamental. Just follow the principals to get the business done profitably    

If a mine collapse, check if the safety regulatory protocol was followed during the mining process. If you use equipment either of poor quality or less effective, be rest assured the digging will take a long time before you get any minerals, or the tunnel has gone a long distance.    

Also if you dig for a long time without getting anything, it is very possible you have missed the rock targeted. We have discovered that, here in Tanzania foreigners come to do mining business and getting gemstones without even using the powers of darkness (rituals and sacrifices) one thing you will note about these foreign miners is, they come with modern equipment and good experts in the mining industry.   

Simply because gemstones are mined from underground, so some people conclude that they are demonic. Let me ask about petroleum products such as diesel or petrol we use in our cars, are they demonic? because they extract petrol under the sea thousands of meters below sea level, yet we use it in our cars unquestionable. Therefore gemstone is just as good as any other product; the best we can do is to learn about it.


Fear of Frauds & Swindling 

Many believe that gemstone business is full of Fraud and Swindling, in either selling or buying. Now the issue of Fraud & Swindling is found in many areas of business not in gemstones only, and I can’t deny the fact that it does exist. What is important is that get enough information about the gemstone business, as well as the gemstones products. Not every red stone is a ruby, not every blue stone from Umba is a blue sapphire. It could be a blue scapolite or lolite.    Get the knowledge of gemstone and the use of proper tools for identification or you can use a professional to help you, they could be a dealers, lab technicians, and gemologists.   

Fear of Robbery 

Some have been made to believe that once you have the gemstones at home, you can be invaded with armed robbers. These concepts are irrelevant when it comes to business. What you are supposed to do is to take necessary security measures in order to avoid attracting thieves and robbers. And during business transactions just take all the precautions necessary.    

In finishing, I would like to say that the three misconceptions I have mentioned are irrelevant. These gemstones are the same that God created in the times of Adam, they have not changed. Look around you, are there gemstones? go and learn from those who have succeeded in this business, how did they do it to reach where they are today.