Moreshine Gemstone
Moreshine Gemstone

synthetic gemstones

These are gemstones that made in lab, but they consist of

  1.  Chemical composition 
  2. Crystal structure and 
  3. Properties

In the trade or in websites you may hear names like these

 Man made 

 Lab created 

 Synthetic gem 

 Lab grown    

All the names above are talk about synthetic gemstones

Selling  a synthetic gemstone is not a problem; all you need to do is to inform  the buyer that what you are selling is not a natural gemstone but a  synthetic gemstone.

Another  thing that should be considered as a seller is that, when you are  selling say ruby which is synthetic, then you should call it synthetic  ruby. Whenever you are selling synthetic gemstone, you should always  remember to call it synthetic gemstone. For instance,if it is a lab made  sapphire, call it synthetic sapphire likewise if is a manmade spinel  call it synthetic spinel.

How to identify if a gemstone is natural or synthetic?

1. Send your gemstone to thegem lab. Nowadays technology has advanced some  of gemstones you cannot identify them easily; therefore it is important  to take them to a gemologist who has modern tools for the job.

2. By using microscope you can identify the gemstone whether is natural or  synthetic, by looking for Inclusions that can help separate natural or  synthetic gemstones.


3. The loupe is kind of magnifier like microscope but this is most  convenient, affordable around USD 10 you can buy it, small and portable.  You can carry a loupe in your pocket or purse, or wear it on a chain  around your neck. You can detect synthetic or natural gemstones by using  a loupe for checking the inclusions that stone has. 

But a word of  caution this is for the experienced in using loupe, when used by someone  with an experienced eye, a loupe is very accurate and It takes practice  to handle and use a loupe effectively. If you don’t know how to use  loupe please go and learn how to use it.

Two types of Loupes

1. Hand loupes

Hand loupes are held in one hand for viewing the stones

2. Eye loupes

Eye loupes are either held in the eye socket or attached to eyeglasses.

Most  gemologists, gem professionals, industry organizations, and government  agencies agree that 10X magnification is the standard for using. 10X  means that the item being viewed is magnified ten times. It’s sometimes  called 10-power.

10X  is the standard for gemstone using, loupes are available in a variety  of magnificationsfrom 4X to 30X. Make sure you use loupe that its  minimum magnifications is 10x