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be great in gemstone business

Being  great in the gemstone business is very possible, here I am targeting a  turnover of US$1,000,000 in your business. In this article we call it  great. No one can mock you when your turnover per year is US$ 1,000,000.

There  is no course you can attend and pass, then become automatically great.  Neither is there any collage that teaches a person to be great in  gemstone business. Likewise there is no collage that teaches a person to  be great in gemstone business in his respective country.  

If you want  to be a rich person or a president, you must learn from the former  businessmen or former presidents, the same with gemstone. Being great  you have to learn from the ones that succeeded in being great.

I will share three things and if you apply them by practicing them you can be a millionaire or a billionaire.

1. Gem Knowledge

This  is one of the factors that can make you great in gem business, and this  knowledge can be easily obtained. You can learn from gemological  institutions or even from the websites which give gemstone knowledge.


My  advice is for you to learn from the gemological institution, is good in  order to get a good sequence. By doing so, you will know which one to  start with and which one to end up with. This gem knowledge is not  something to be ignored, because it will be hard for you to be a  successful great businessman.  Not knowing the gemstone knowledge in  this current world is very dangerous. Because there are so many gem  terminologies which you must know about, for you to succeed in the Gem  World Market.


Nowadays  is very easy to learn, you do not need to travel afar, you can learn  “online” for instance from GIA institute for various courses.

2. Business Knowledge

For  you to be great in gem business, you must have enough knowledge on how  to do it locally and internationally. Learning about gem courses alone  is not enough; you must have the techniques on running the business. Get  to know the current business statutes, also you must be online, you  must also know the transactions that are user friendly.

The  good thing about business knowledge is that; it can be obtained by  attending courses or through books on business. The cheapest way to get  this knowledge is through book, which of course can be obtained easily  and at a reasonable price in many local bookstores.

3. Wealth Knowledge

Here is where the greatest challenge is, because this one cannot be obtained in many institutions. 

There are two ways on which you can obtain this knowledge.

(i) By reading the books of success and prosperity

(ii) Learning from those who have succeeded in this business.