Moreshine Gemstone
Moreshine Gemstone

understanding precious metals


Many  who are in mining business cannot give a clear explanation on what kind  of products they are actually dealing with. Please note, gemstones  neither diamonds are not precious metals. Even if you are selling copper  ore, know for sure it is not a precious metal. Not every metal is a  precious metal, be reminded we are talking about precious metals not  just any metal.

Precious metals are metals that are of great value and used in the jewelry business.

There are 3 precious metals in jewelry industry

  1. Gold
  2. Silver
  3. Platinum

Base Metals

We also have some that can be used in jewelry business but are not precious rather they are called Base Metals. 

These are; 

  1. Copper 
  2. Zinc 
  3. Tin 
  4. Nickel 
  5. Lead 
  6. Iron