Moreshine Gemstone
Moreshine Gemstone


Gemstone  treatment is not a new thing in gemstone business, the essence is to  improve the “appearance, durability or value” of the gemstone. We can  say gemstone treatment is any human controlled process that has the  purpose to improve the appearance, durability or the value of the  gemstone.   

 Take note here, cutting and polished of the gemstone is human controlled process, but is not treatment process. 

It  is also good to know different types of treatments, simply because  gemstones differ in treatment due to their nature. Some of the gemstones  cannot be treated at all or we can say the scientists have not yet  discovered the method of treat them. 

That is to say treatment is very  important, for instance it’s common to treat Tanzanite by heat. By doing  so, you may get blue or violet colors seen clearly, which will make it  more attractive. 

Types of Gemstone Treatments

  1. Bleaching 
  2. Cavity Filling 
  3. Colorless Impregnation 
  4. Dyeing 
  5. Fracture Filling 
  6. Heat Treatment 
  7. Irradiation 
  8. Lattice Diffusion 
  9. Sugar and Smoke Treatments 
  10. Surface Modification


Transparency  or integrity is very fundamental when selling treated gemstones, let  the buyer know that you are selling treated gemstones.