Moreshine Gemstone
Moreshine Gemstone


1. Mahenge

Mahenge  in Morogoro region has been famous since 2007, for production of red  and pink spinels with the best quality which resembled with the ones  from Burma and Brazil. 

2. Tunduru

Tunduru  is in the region of Ruvuma, this city began to be known in the early  1990s. By the virtue of great deposits of sapphires, rubies,  alexandrites, chrysoberyl. The uniqueness of this city is that, its  gemstones are found on the river. In other word known as “alluvial  deposits”. 

3. Winza

Winza  is another area in the region of Dodoma also famous in sapphires and  rubies, whereby some of their sapphires are bicolored and some are  multicolored. That is why most of the rubies from that place if not  tested well can be mistaken for a pink sapphire. 

4. Mererani

Mererani  is in a Manyara region not far from city of Arusha.  It is about 60km  distance from Arusha and 20km from Kilimanjaro International Airport  (KIA). This is a unique area because of the ONLY place where TANZANITES  are found in the whole world. 

5. Umba or Umba Valley

Umba or Umba Valley  in the Tanga region is also not left behind in the production of  sapphires. The uniqueness of the sapphires that found in this area is;  they contain different colors like blue, brown, pink, yellow, green,  purple, color change and many more. 

6. Matombo

Matombo  is another mining ground in the region of Morogoro; this town has  become known in recent years around 2010. This town has a very good  quality of ruby which can be compared to the ruby from Mozambique. Here  to get a ruby weighing from 1-4 gram per piece is not a strange thing. 

I  have been seen several different productions of rubies, but the ones  from Matombo have a good quality for sure. They are very clear as much  to match with red garnet, and sometimes you may think it’s a synthetic.  By the virtue of its good quality, it stands to be unique. 

7. Sumbawanga

Sumbawanga  in the Rukwa region is about 1000km from the City of Dar es salaam, is  known by its great deposits of Emeralds which can be stand as the  quality of Emeralds from Zambia, Brazil and Columbia. 

8. Ruangwa

Ruangwa  in Lindi region is greatly known by the production of Tsavorite  garnets, you can’t mention tsavorite garnet without mentioning the town  of Ruangwa. Other minerals that can be found in the nearby area of  Namungo is gold. Some of gemstones that can be found in this place are  rhodolite, color change garnet, hessonite, spessartile, zircon, topaz,  apatite, and red garnet.

9. Shinyanga

Shinyanga region  in general is famous for diamond deposits, is 1500km by road from Dar  es salaam. This city has been known for great diamond mining since 1940s  up to this time the production continues.