Moreshine Gemstone
Moreshine Gemstone



If  you have just opened this article, I suggest you read part 1 as well  for clarification. Some of the tips mentioned in this article may seem  to be too simple not to be taken seriously or even neglected. During the  Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair 57TH Exhibition, I was privileged to  speak with some exhibitors on what is their observations concerning the  fair. 

Many were complaining of not getting many customers, and due to  that they were preparing themselves to go to the next fair which was to  take place in Hong Kong.

The  issue was not to go to Hong Kong but to find out what needs to be  improved in order to make more sales. Please take note of these tips and  make sure you put them into practice.

1. WhatsApp access

Whatsapp  access is another vital tool for communicating with customers  throughout the world, the world has advanced from landline phones to  cellular phones and makes communication much easier. With WhatsApp  application you can communication with anyone in any part of the world  as long as you have internet access. 

It is more useful than just sending  your personal pictures, once a customer steps into your booth; ask for a  business card from him/her or a cell number. Then after the fair, you  can send the customer the pictures of your products via WhatsApp media.  If you make a good use of this application you can still make a good  sell even after the fair. 

2. Booth Number

Booth  Number is to be remembered when preparing your flyers or business cards  for the fair. For instance in the 57th BGJF there were more than 3,000  booths, this sometimes becomes difficult for a customer to remember the  location of the booth. It may happen that a customer has a one or days  two of doing the shopping, that means there will be no time to waste  looking for one booth he saw a day before. Remember to put a booth  number on all your flyers, brochures and business cards.

3. Price tag

Price  tag should be put upon all your products on display. This is one of the  things I encountered at the BGJF 57th fair. Let me give you this simple  example, if you visit a website looking for cell phones. You go to the  first website and see good cell phones but no price tagged to them, then  you decide to move to the next one and you find the prices are tagged  to each phone. Which one of these two websites will you spend time?

Obviously the second one with price tags on the products. This is one of  the challenges I saw during Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair. Remember  this is a five day gem fair, a customer will not have time to ask for  price in every booth with no price tag on the goods. Make sure all your  products have a price tag attached, whether in US$ or in local currency  (baht). It will make easy for a customer to make quick and good decision  on what to buy.

4. If possible sell you gemstones on either lot, parcel or in piece

You  may not agree with me about this idea but keep in mind about the time  factor of the fair, just five days there is no time to waste for the  customer. When I say to sell by lot or parcel even in piece, some people  may say they will not get a profit. No, you will get a profit while  saving time for a customer. The time you will use to get a scale then  converting the price from US$ to local currency or the other way round.

Take  for instance, you have 4 carats of sapphire, and the price per carat is  US$ 1,000. There is no need to say my price is US$1,000 per carat, you  just say “ this sapphire has 4 carats and its price is US$4,000”. It  will make things easy for the customers coming into your booth for quick  decision making. You also do the same if you want to sell in lot or  parcel form.


Lot/Parcel No       MGE1

Pieces                     84

Carats                     21carats

Total Price                       US$ 1200/

I hope this is clear to you.

5. Try to get a little knowledge on what you are selling

Many  who sell at the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair have nothing to explain  to the customer simply because they have no knowledge on what they  sell. 

I walked into  one booth and I met one exhibitor who was selling plenty of sapphires,  and I asked him a question. “Are these sapphires treated?”  He answered  “all these are heated only but not treated”. It was then I discovered  that this exhibitor did not know what he was talking about. Heating a  gemstone is part of treatment.

To get a basic  knowledge is very important; you can get them through Gem books or by  visiting different Gemological Institutes which offer online training  all over the world.

6. Aim to make more sales after the fair

I  tried to speak with some exhibitors, and most of them seem to be  complaining that they did not sell much during the fair. This is because  they aimed to sell during the fair only, for those five days but not  after the fair. What is important is to take contacts of the customers  that come across your booth for further communication. Do not wait for  them to give you their contacts, welcome them then explain your products  to them and ask for a business card or cell number that supports  whatsApp or email address.

I  am too sure this article has given you light to some extent, what is  most needed is to put them into action. If you collected contacts from  your customers, it is now time to make a follow up by reminding them you  met during the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair. From there now you can  remind them about your products.