Moreshine Gemstone
Moreshine Gemstone


In this article

In this article I would like to give some hints on how to attend this fair, whether you are a visitor, buyer or exhibitor. 

Why Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair?

It  is because is among the big gem and jewelry fair in the world. My  desire is for the Tanzanians who are intending to sell gems at this fair  to be well prepared. 

This fair holds twice annually, in February and in  September. I will share some vital information which will help you  getting to Thailand where this is taking place.

Main Requirements

1. Passport

It has to be an international passport, valid at least 6 months ahead with space or pages to stick a visa.

2. Visa

This is a permit to enter Thailand and is obtained at the Royal Thai  Embassy which is in Nairobi Kenya. It is a one week process and you are  to choose whether to get a single entry visa, or a double entry visa or a  multiple entry visa in order to enter Thailand. 

3. Vaccination Card

This is for health approval at the airport is obtainable at the  government hospitals (district or regional). Get it before early to  avoid inconvenience at the airport. 

4. Air Ticket

This is means of transportation to take you to Thailand, there are many  airline companies you make a choice. Such as Ethiopian, Emirates, Kenya  Airways Qatar. Note here do not purchase a ticket before getting a  visa, rather make a booking first. 

Business Visa Requirements from the Royal Thai Embassy in Nairobi Kenya

1. Company Details

These  are details that identify your business which includes; company  registration certificate ( from the ministry of energy and natural  resources), company license certificate, Tax Identification Number (TIN)  certificate from the Revenue Authority.

2. Application Fee

This  is the money you pay for the visa you desire it is about US$100 or less  depending on the kind of visa you will require, whether single entry,  double entry or  multiple entry. For current information about  application fee please contact Thai Embassy in Nairobi

3. Passport size pictures

You need two colored passport size pictures.

4. Hotel Booking Details

This  is the accommodation details when you get to Thailand, you can check on  websites to know and make a reservation/booking. Take the hotel  particular details.

5. Company or Personal Bank Statement

Some  people afraid when they hear or see word “bank statement”. This can be  obtained from your bank branch where you have an account like CRDB, NMB,  Mkombozi. It is for your financial status i.e. if you are going you  need at least TShs 5,000,000/ or US$ 2,500/ for two weeks. Make sure  your bank statement shows around TShs 5,000,000/ or US$ 2,500, but if it  shows below around TShs 1,000,000/ or US$ 500 you can miss the visa

6. Your Passport

Your  original passport will be required for visa which will be attached with  your documents. Please note your passport will be sent to the embassy  in Nairobi Kenya but you will have to pay DHL for your passport to be  transported back to Tanzania from Kenya. Both going and return export  passport charges you have to pay

7. Visa Application Form

This is to have your details as well as the details of your intention to visit Thailand and the kind of visa required.

8. Ticket Booking

This  will show the flight details such as the airline. Please let me remind  you again, do not buy an airline ticket before you get a visa. Get a  visa first then go for the ticket.