Moreshine Gemstone
Moreshine Gemstone


There  are some things you can do increasing your sales at the Gem Fair,  during the show and even after the show. Let us take a look some of  them

Importance of Discount

 Many  times customers like to have a discount, so it is good to price your  product, putting the allowance for discount between US$ 50-500 without  getting a loss.  If you have Sapphire worth US$ 1,000 per piece of 10  carats, and a customer asks for a discount of US$ 500, it might be  possible if you could price it at US$ 1,500, you could sell at US$ 1,000  without a loss.  

Sell gemstones as a lot as well as in pieces

Many customers from overseas come to  Africa or Tanzania, knowing that they will get plenty of gemstones at a  cheap price. So they do not have much time to waste looking for carats,  so sell them in parcels or in lots and not in grams or in carats. For  instance, you have a Tanzanite of 3 carats. And a carat is sold for US$  300 and is graded B+. So do not confuse the customer by taking a lot of  time looking for a scale and calculator. Just go straight to the point  “this is 3carat Tanzanite, B+, the price is US$900.”  

Put visible price tags

It is good you put visible price tags  on every displayed gemstone. Sometime a customer could not have the  courage to ask for the price, because of the fear of not affording the  price. The price tag will help solving the problem, as simple as pick  and pay.

Solve the change issue

If you are not careful you can lose  lots of cash by not having the change, even as small as US$50. The  Arusha Gem Fair holds at Mount Meru Hotel, whereby at the reception  there is a Bureau de Change at your service.

Close the Gem deal today

In some previous Gem Fair I lost many  sales through pledges “I will come to buy tomorrow”. You can’t force a  customer to buy now but you can convince a customer to buy even if it is  to follow cash to the hotel assist them. Or even if is to convince a  customer to pay a down payment and clear the balance when collecting the  good the following day, please do so. 

After sales Targets

Many business men target a sales at the  Gem Fair only, but that is platform for getting new customers after  sales as well. Then you start a follow up on the new customers, not that  when the Gem Fair is over everything is over.   

Use Flyers and Brochures

In a Gem Fair you should have at least  300 flyers not a few that will only last for one or two days. The kind  of flyers and brochures to be used on such an event, should not be dated  which can be for future use. Make sure they are presentable enough to  impress and attract a customer.