Moreshine Gemstone
Moreshine Gemstone


Avoid using technical terms to Customers

As a jewelry business owner avoid using technical terms to customers.  Here I am not talking to gemstone sellers.

   When  a customer comes to your jewelry store for the purpose of buying  jewelry, the best you can do is asking what exactly the customer wants.  Then provide with jewelry that has a gem that can stand sunlight and  chemical such as toilet soap.

If the jewelry you  are selling is fade easily, you don’t have to explain about “tone, hue  or saturation”. Just say this gem has not been treated or treated.  Remember you are selling jewelry, all you need to do is use a “word  picture” for a customer to understand.

   If  you are selling a jewelry with “phenomenal stone, the best you can do  is to show the customer the drama of the gem. No need to give details of  the gem composition, or why the sapphire changes color. If you are  selling a blue sapphire you don’t have to say that this stone has iron  and titanium. Be reminded you are selling jewelry no need to give  “gemological terminologies” , just say blue color is one of the  attractive colors and is a business color.

You can use Trade Terms

Sometime you may come across a customer  who knows what he is looking for. 

“ I need a ring with pink gemstone,  which I will be wearing more often” your answer should be

 “we have  

  • ‘fancy colored sapphire’ 


  • ‘fancy colored diamond’

Use of City or Country names

You can use the name of a country or a city to explain the durability of the gemstone, for instance:-

  •  Colombian emerald
  •  Umba sapphire
  •  Burma ruby
  •  Winza ruby
  •  Mozambique ruby
  •  Sapphire from Tunduru
  •  Mahenge spinel

Precaution,  do not give details of a city or country if you are not sure where the  gemstone comes from (origin). Remember in gemstone and jewelry business  integrity is very important for sustain customers.