Moreshine Gemstone
Moreshine Gemstone


 Cutting  office is very important especially when you want your business to  grow. If you get an order of 2000 carats per week, it will cost you a  lot for not having your own cutting office. 

You will spend a lot of  money to cut them, by hiring a private cutter or going to the gem  cutting offices which of them have a lot of cutting and polishing gems.  

In this article I will be explaining about an office where you will be  cutting and polishing gemstones. And also we will see what the  requirements are. 

1. Faceting Machine

This  is non-negotiable, you must have it in your office. There are different  types of faceting machines, facetron, ultratec, indian machines and  thai machines. These are just some brands, you need to be watchful the  voltage required in your area that is 110v ac or 220v ac. It is  advisable to use an auto-voltage regulator (stabilizer) in case of power  fluctuation.

2. Cabochon Machine

This  one is needed to gemstones which do not need facets due to their  nature, such as Moonstone and Sunstone. This does not restrict you from  faceting these type of gemstones, but by doing so they will lose their  attraction.

3. Sawing Machine

This machine is needful when you want to divide a gemstone into pieces.

4. Caliper

This instrument is for measuring size, length, width, height. It is also good to have a digital metric caliper for accuracy.

5. Gem Cutter

This  is not a machine, but a qualified person who will handle all the  cutting and the polishing of the gemstones professionally known as  Lapidary in the gemological term. He /She must be competent enough to do  the job well and avoid errors such re-cut.

6. Scale

This  is another crucial tool for measuring weight of a gemstone, this must  be a Legal for Trade scale which is authorized for such trade with a  brand of Legal for Trade on it. Also the scale must be inspected  annually by the authorized organization with certificate offered after  inspection.

7. Burner

It is also needed for treating

8. Loupe

This  too is useful even though you may get some gemstones that do not need a  loupe. The loupe is the most convenient and affordable magnifier used  for gem grading. It is small and portable. You can carry a loupe in your  pocket or wear it on a chain around your neck. And, when used by gem  cutter with an experienced eye, a loupe is very accurate. Loupes come in  two varieties: hand loupes and eye loupes. 

Hand loupes

Hand loupes are held in one hand for viewing the stone.

Eye loupes

Eye  loupes are either held in the eye socket or attached to eyeglasses. It  takes practice to handle and use a loupe effectively. But loupes are  efficient so you must have them in your office.

9. Dop Sticks

These  usually come with the faceting machines, but it is good to have many of  them to help you handle many gemstones at the same time. Most of  faceting machines come with 15 dop sticks so if you have 50 rough stones  it will be difficult to handle them for little time 

10. Wax

This is needed for sticking a stone to a dop-stick