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Moreshine Gemstone


In  this article I would like to share on how to start a diamond business  and not how diamonds are formed. The diamond business did not start 100  years ago, but more than 2,000BC.

 By  so saying it is an ancient business in the gemstone industry. There are  several magazines and websites that tell about “current wealthy people”  such as Laurent Graff and Lev Levier who are billionaires. Each one of  them has more than US$ 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) from the diamond  business. And this is an indicator that diamond business is doing well  in the gemstone business, whereby turn many into millionaires.

   Please  take note or may I say precaution, the diamond business needs a high  level of concentration and follow up every step of the way. From  exploration, mining, sorting, cutting and polishing until it get to the  market. It is not a business you do and become rich over a week, neither  it is a business you can do without any knowledge of how from the mine  to the m

Here are the fundamental things to start diamond business

1. Capital

This business requires sufficient  money as a capital, this is not a business to try. You can come across a  piece of a diamond with 5 carats and each carat is worth of US$ 25,000  which means you will need US$ 125,000 for that one piece of diamond. I  can’t tell exactly how much you will need as a capital, but it has to be  enough.

2. Loupe

This is a tool as a broker or a dealer  must have it. It is a small magnifying lens used for diamond grading. It  is small and portable. You can carry a loupe in your pocket or wear it  on a chain around your neck. And, when used by someone with an  experienced eye, a loupe is very accurate. Loupes come in two varieties:  hand loupes and eye loupes. Hand loupes are held in one hand for  viewing the stone. Eye loupes are either held in the eye socket or  attached to eyeglasses. According to international standard, 10X is the  standard for diamond grading, 

   Loupes  are available in a variety of magnifications from 4X to 30X. You’ll  find many loupes in use in the gem tools stores, where most diamonds are  loupe graded. It takes practice to handle and use a loupe effectively.  But loupes are efficient: An experienced grader or buyer can use a loupe  to work through a large number of stones in a very short time. ”, if  you do not know how to use it you better learn before you get  ‘’wrong  results”.

3. Diamond tester

This is another potent tool you should  have, this one will help you distinguish between diamond, stimulant or  colored stones. Before having it you must have enough knowledge of how  to use it. That is its mode of operation.

4. Sieve set

This is for sorting diamonds of small  sizes, most of the diamonds are small in sizes up to wheat or rice grain  size the ones that are less than 2.10mm. If the piece is bigger than  2.10mm it won’t fit in a sieve. What you need to know is how many plates  are in a sieve and of what size what makes a “set of sieve”.

5. Carat Scale

You need to have a scale that can weigh  the small size of diamonds. Most of the diamonds come from under gram so  you need to have carat scale. Secondly, your scale must be the “Legal  for Trade” use.

6. Diamond lab

You need to test your diamonds  especially for reputed labs. Also you may have your own private or in  house gemologist for testing job

7. Kimberly Certificate

This is a regulation formed in 2003,  which shows how diamond transfer from one nation to another. This  certificate shows the movement of diamonds and do not support” civil  conflicts or terrorism”. It is important when you are in diamond  business to know how this regulation operates. 

8. Diamond Knowledge

I will not advise you to enter into  diamond business without having adequate knowledge on diamonds, this  will help you to avoid losses. Not every gemstone that comes from  Shinyanga is a diamond, even white zircon looks like diamond. 

There are  many institutes that teach about diamonds across the world, such as 

Gemological Institute of America (GIA) – USA

The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand - Thailand

Lapidary  Training  Centre- Tanzania-

Getting  knowledge is very crucial and there is no shortcut on it. Don’t say “I  have an idea” or “I have a capital” you must have enough knowledge even  if you are planning to hire someone to do the job for you otherwise you  will be easily deceived.

9. Diamond Manifest

This is a document containing diamond  details, which consists of size, color, number of stones, clarity  details and total carats of a whole or all diamonds. Even though it does  not a particular flow, but it has enough details about diamonds.

10. You need a diamond courier

You must know what mode of  transportation to move your diamonds from one nation to another.  Diamonds need more security otherwise it will or may not reach its  destination. There are some companies that transport diamonds such as  Brinks, Malca, Amit and others.

Where are the diamond markets?

You  must know where the big markets of diamonds are located, in some  countries like Israel Belgium, Hong Kong, USA or Thailand, there are big  diamond markets. What is required is for you to know their locations,  contact person, how to get the diamonds to the market in a safety  environment.