Moreshine Gemstone
Moreshine Gemstone

Tips For Improving Sales At Arusha Gem Fair, Part 2

Use Professional Email

What  do I mean by using professional email? I mean use the email that  introduces your company. e.g. 1 ‘ Mapambo Gemstone’ your email should  be; # 

e.g. 2 # 

#   The e.g 2 is not professional email in the international business. 

You  can use or for personal use but not for company  website or business cards, or brochures or flyers. Email which has the  company name that introduces the company, is very crucial in this  “information age”.

Use a company website

Remember  here I am trying to list down the thing required to maximize your sales  at Arusha Gem Fair. In our time it is important to have a website that  help advertizing your business across the globe. The advantage of the  website is that, anytime and anywhere, someone can visit the website and  see what gemstones you have in stock or on sales. That is during the  show and after the show.

Use of Social Networks

The  use of social networks such as “WhatsApp” is important because it costs  you nothing more than the internet access and smartphone or laptop. You  can make millions of dollars by using “WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Wechat”. 

Use of Business Card

In  the gem business, you must have business cards. This wil help a  customer to get access to the company contacts at ease, such as phone  numbers, email address, company website. This will be good in the  international business and make you professional.

 Use  mobile phone number not landline number The advantage of mobile phone  is accessible especially after office hours, customers can reach you at  any particular hour of the day from any part of the world. While the  landline can be use for fax and other usage during office hours.  Remember mobile phone should be on air 24/7.