Moreshine Gemstone
Moreshine Gemstone

how to buy gemstones online

We  are in the information age, whereby you can buy many thing without any  geographical hindrance. There are couple of things you should take note  of while buying gemstones online. This will help avoiding of one to be  conned. 

Buying from b2b (business to business)

 It’s  good to identify the website you want to buy gemstones from if it is  b2b or individual companies. In b2b, some companies or individuals  advertize their products and people either visit or shop online. These  websites are not concerned with the quality of the products advertised.  It is the responsibility of the seller to produce sufficient information  of the products. That is to say if you are buying from b2b make sure  you are satisfied with the product before buying it. Some of the b2b  websites are; “Alibaba” ,”Amazon”, “ebay”. 

Individual companies or a person

These are companies or individuals that  you can see b2b websites on the internet. But sometimes reaching them is  the bit difficult, and even if you manage to find them the assurance of  them is very little. Why? Because you are not sure whether you buying  from peson or company.

Understand Gem Terminology

In  order to avoid loss while buying the gemstones, it’s good you  understand the gem terminologies or the gem language. Such as cabochon  cut, opeque , v1v2 , translucent or treated. There are so many gem  terminologies or languages, your assignment is to understand the  language used on displayed gem before purchasing it especially online,  where you can’t ask questions.


Don’t  be carried away by the picture displayed, rather get the details  provided. If you do not know the language used, go and find out first  the meaning before you buy. One may ask, where can I get such  information on gemology? There are so many institutions across the world  such as GIA which can provide such information, but you can also visit  some website for meaning such as “”.

Physical Location

Make  sure the company you visit on web has a physical location address in  case of anything you can easily follow up. Precaution!do not purchase  online from the company you do not sure of whereabouts its location or  base. You can find such provide phone number and email address only no  physical address attached to it. 


Make  sure the company you want to deal with provides a company email,  because some websites have the contacts without providing their company  emails. Be wise do not fall on such traps. The company should put the  visible company email for the customers to access easily for both  purchase and enquiry 

Phone number

Also the company should provide a phone number, for customers to reach them out for clarifications 

Photos of company or staff

The  company should put the picture of either staff team (management),  C.E.O, or business owner etc., this is very important for it gives the  assurance to customer. 

Legal Documents

This is another way of getting legal  information of the company from the authority of the legal documents  provider. It could be the ministry, revenue authority, licensing  authority, gemstone boards etc.

Payment Modes

Know the payment mode used by the  company and see if it’s convenient for you before purchasing. For  instance not every country use “PayPal”, check the one provided if can  help you buy.


Since gemstones are precious, you won’t  give the postal address for delivery. Use courier companies to deliver  your parcel such as; DHL, EMS, FEDEX, UPS, it is easy to follow up on  them. You get to know the movement of your parcel from one point to  another.

Return Policy

Get to know if the company has a “return  policy”. In some countries the return policy is difficult to implement.  For instance here in Tanzania, you have to pay for every gem you export  as well as import, even if the gemstone exported is return for one  reason or another, you will have to pay for it again. Make terms of  agreement when the gemstones sent to you are contrary to what you  ordered, on return policy issue.

Advantages of Ordering Gemstones Online

First of all you save transportation  money which could be used to go where the gemstones are. Instead the  US$1000 that you could have used for air ticket can buy a gemstone  instead. 

Likewise  the money that could be used to board a hotel during your stay on  particular country, can also purchase the gemstone up to a US$500 for a  five day hotel pay. 

I therefore recommend you buy online once you know the procedure of buying