Moreshine Gemstone
Moreshine Gemstone

understand color change gemstones

Characteristics Of Change Color Gemstones

It shows two colors while it does not have two colors.

The second color can be seen while you use an incandescent light.

For instance the gemstone will change from green to red once is put under the incandescent light.

Nowadays !!!

Nowadays  we have a mix-up concerning the color change gemstones, multicolor  gemstones and bicolor gemstones. Especially when handling the rough  gemstones. 

Source Of Light

For  you to see the color change on the gemstone you must have two types of  light sources. That is “fluorescent light” and “incandescent light”. 

Fluorescent light

This one can be obtained by getting fluorescent bulb and even the sunlight can do the work just as good as the fluorescent bulb.

Incandescent light

This can be obtained by using an incandescent lamp which has incandescent bulb or candle.

How to see the Color Change in Gemstones?

The principals are the same, even if it  is a synthetic sapphire. The same principals are applicable for all  gemstones. Just take a gemstone that shows the color change, then put it  under the fluorescent lamp, take for instance sapphire. 

To see the  second color, take the same gemstone put it under the incandescent lamp.

Then you will see the second color.

By  this procedure the sapphire which appeared green under fluorescent  light will change to red under incandescent light. 

And once taken away  from the incandescent light, it will return to green again.


 The  multicolor gemstones are not the change color gemstones, such as  tourmalines is the multicolor and not the change color. Especially  sapphire gotten from Tanga region here in Tanzania has more than one  color. And this does not make this type of sapphire to be the change  color, famously known as “Umba sapphire”. 

The  amazing thing is the colors can be seen while under the fluorescent  lamp only, this confirms to you that it’s a multicolored sapphire or a  bicolored sapphire NOT change color.

Here are some color change gemstones

  • Sapphires
  • Spinels
  • Garnets
  • Alexandrites

Take  note since you are in the gemstone field, it is good you have those two  types of torch or lamp. That is fluorescent lamp/torch and incandescent  lamp/torch.