Moreshine Gemstone
Moreshine Gemstone

Gem Cutting service

  Are you looking for gem cutters who could cut your rough gems into high-quality? if your answer is yes ! You have reached the right place. We can cut your rough gems according to your specifications and our cuts have international standards. Our full lapidary office is staffed with highly trained professional gem cutters that can be trusted to turn your rough gems into beautiful faceted gems.  

  Best of all, our services are very affordable.  Also our gem cutters can select the cuts for you that will suit the best for your rough gems. Our gem cutters have all the knowledge to cut gems for maximum results.  

  Our clients include large and small mine owners, amateur fossickers and renowned jewelry designers. Rough gems can be faceted in any number of shapes and styles, including cushion, emerald, marquis, novette, oval, teardrop, or cabochon.  

Cutting prices

Facet cuts

Rubies - TZS 3,000

Sapphires  - TZS 3,000

Emeralds  - TZS 2,500

Spinels - TZS 2,500

Tanzanites - TZS 2,500

Tsavorite garnets - TZS 2,500

Color chage garnet - TZS 2,500

Alexandrite - TZS 2,500

Chrysoberyl - TZS 2,500

 Other Gems - TZS 2,000

Cabochon cuts

 All Gems - TZS 1,500

Terms & Conditions

  1. Prices effective from February 25, 2018  
  2. All prices are quoted in Tanzanian shillings  
  3. Prices are charged per carat 
  4. Our prices are subject to change without notice  
  5. We do not cut diamond in our workshop we only cut colored stones.  
  6. Grace period for keeping gem after cutting is 7 days, more that that the owner will pay extra fee of 2% of total value  
  7. We also accept local East Africa mobile transfers including Mpesa, tiGo Pesa, Airtel money  
  8. We also accept Foreign Currency USD, GBP, EURO but the Bank of Tanzania rate will be used 
  9. You can pay by “Masterpass”  
  10. We also accept major cards like Visacard, Mastercard, Union pay,  

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Umbalite garnet


Umbalite garnet

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